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Some appreciation from a few clients...

Mark is a very professional and compassionate healer. He has a way of connecting and creating trust very quickly so I'm able to go to the deepest darkest places in complete safety. His humour and lightness of touch with the whole process makes every session a great experience. I have shifted from overwhelmed, confused and anxious to confident, calmer and with an ever growing acceptance of myself and others. My whole life has shifted to better places because of working with this man!

- Samantha Mudge

Good morning everyone! I've known many of you for years now, so you know by now the emphasis I place on mindset in creating the results we desire. This truth has become increasingly more apparent to me as I navigate my process of reaching my goals and work through my own "stuff".

A couple of weeks ago I had a transformational experience facilitated by our own Mark Vanderhoek, who lead me through a two-hour Skype session of digging deep and shifting my energy through his own coaching approach using EFT, NLP, and energy work (Mark can explain better what he does!)

It was really interesting and powerful. It was like a puzzle being put back together and through Mark's guidance I was able to eliminate the power of my limiting beliefs.

The shift I've felt in the last couple of weeks has been significant. I feel more at ease, less pressured and stressed, and more confident in what I'm creating. The prominent feeling I now have for my work is excitement rather than stress and worry. My productivity has definitely increased and I feel overall "better" the past couple of weeks.

Anyhow, I wanted to give a shout out to Mark. He's the real deal and awesome at what he does. Super valuable for anyone looking to transform and elevate themselves out of not-so-ideal conditioning loops. Thanks again Mark Vanderhoek :)



Hey Mark! I'm feeling SO GOOD! Seriously, from Friday I've felt very calm inside, just like an edge has been taken off. A lot of releasing happening in my dreams, too. Thank you so much, I feel like my truest self : ).


Mark Vanderhoek gave me an amazing session where he helped me get rid of many uncomfortable emotional issues that were bothering me at the time. I felt very light and peaceful afterwards and those specific issues were releases and gone after since. He is a kind and competent person and I truly recommend him!  

D.T .


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